The Family Check-Up (FCU) is a brief,
strengths-based intervention for families
with children 2-17 years old. The intervention
addresses common parenting and childhood
behavioral and emotional problems.

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This website includes information about the FCU as well as links to our partners. You will also find resources for grant and training opportunities related to the FCU.

Kid Champion
The Family Check-Up focuses on the specific needs and strengths of each family.

An initial interview and a comprehensive assessment are used to gather information about the unique needs and strengths of the family. Providers use motivational interviewing to help parents identify areas of excellence and areas of improvement.


Child Reading
The FCU has been successful at improving school performance and behavior issues.

The FCU has shown decreases in childhood depression, reduced adolescent substance use, and increased positive parenting. Results from FCU studies show that investment in parents and children at young ages can have positive impacts throughout their adolescence and into early adulthood.


Results from Young Adults who received the FCU in adolescence

Reduction in Marijuana Use
Reduction in Tobacco Use
Reduction in Alcohol Use
Reduction in Arrests

*Compared with those who have not received the FCU.

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