Family Check-Up® For Parents

The Family Check-Up is a strengths-based intervention that offers parents simple, practical parenting skills and can be tailored to the specific strengths and challenges of each family.

Developed during 30 years of research with thousands of families from diverse economic and cultural groups, the Family Check-Up helps families make important changes in how they interact with each other to prevent child and adolescent behavior problems.


For Parents



An Evidence-Based Ecological Assessment To Learn Your Family’s Strengths

Parents who participate in the Family Check-Up complete an assessment and receive feedback to help identify strengths and areas for improvement in parenting.

Everyday Parenting© Curriculum Strengthens Positive Parenting Skills

Parents can participate in Everyday Parenting sessions to learn how to strengthen parenting skills that promote positive child development. Learn more about these skills.

Learn more about Family Check-Up Training

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The Family Check-Up taught me to be more of a listener, be more understanding

I know the Family Check-Up is working for me and my family because of the changes

The relationship that developed between myself and the counselor... that was really key