Family Check-Up and Everyday Parenting Training

Family Check-Up and Everyday Parenting Training

The University of Oregon supports training by our independent partners in the Family Check-Up and Everyday Parenting program.  Through these partners, trainees receive access to all materials required to deliver the model and other implementation support resources.

The Family Check-Up® (FCU) training provides an introduction to the theory underlying the development of the model and thorough instruction on how to implement the model. After participating in the Family Check-Up training, providers will be able to:

  • Describe and implement the Family Check-Up
  • Conduct a strengths-based family assessment
  • Apply assessment results to form a case conceptualization
  • Identify motivational strategies used in the Family Check-Up

The Everyday Parenting© training introduces therapists to an evidence-based parent training program that helps parents effectively use proven behavioral strategies to support positive changes in their children’s behavior. After participating in the Everyday Parenting training, providers will be able to:

  • Tailor the Everyday Parenting to address a family’s specific needs and an agency’s service delivery needs
  • Implement strategies for managing barriers to change, including parents’ resistance to change
  • Support parents’ use of positive behavior support, limit setting and monitoring, and relationship building in the family

Post-training Consultation and Implementation Support

After completing the Family Check-Up or Everyday Parenting training, agencies seeking to implement to fidelity need to train a qualified in-house candidate as a Certified Trainer/Supervisor.  Certification involves meeting with a Family Check-Up consultant who offers individualized consultation to support delivery of the intervention model with fidelity, as well as developing supervisory and training capabilities. Certification promotes skill development and supports delivery of the model across an agency with adherence and quality to optimize benefits families receive from participating in the Family Check-Up and Everyday Parenting. Implementing with fidelity can build families’ trust in the intervention process, increase the family’s sense of self-efficacy as well as their motivation to try new strategies and skills—all of which can also better ensure sustained funding for program implementation.

The University of Oregon is partnered with Northwest Prevention Science Inc. ( to provide training and consulting services associated with implementation of the Family Check-Up and Everyday Parenting.  
Please email to learn more about training in the Family Check-Up and Everyday Parenting programs.   

®Family Check-Up® is a federally registered trademark

©Everyday Parenting: A Professional’s Guide to Building Family Management Skills, by Thomas J. Dishion, Elizabeth A. Stormshak, and Kate Kavanagh (© Research Press, 2012)